Today, I received my first evaluation result from my mentor and I passed!. I also got pointers to areas for improvement. The prominent area was my communication with the group. I was advised to be more open with my work to the other group memebers. I am going to consciously work on that moving forward. The next month is shaping up to be the most crucial yet for the project, all hands must be on deck.

Coding update: This week, I created three new components for the FHIR Observation Resources which are; fhir-observation-mwethod, fhir-obsevation-interpretation and fhir-observation-valuestring. These components can are based on the observation method, interpretation and valueString. The first two are Codable concept types which has a code, system and display fields as values in a key:value structure. The keys are 'method' and 'interpretation' respectively. The observation valuestring's value is a string type in a key:value structure. Please check out the documentation. here
I also created unit tests and the README documents for the custom elements.

In additon, this week, I removed the material-components-web-components as a submodule from the Librehealth's lh-toolkit-webcomponents monorepo. The submodule was a stop gap pending the time that the material-components are stable. It is now stable. It has a current version of 0.18.0 which was released this week after I made the Merge Request containing v0.15.0 Material Components. I might have to update it later in the project or not. I will decide that later.

My plan for the coming week is to complete the creation of all the remaining custom elements for the FHIR Observation resource. I will then move on to Medication Resource in the subsequent weeks.

Happy 4th of July!!!